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Friendly reminder


  • The Book of Life was made by a mexican person, stop with the “this is racist” “not latino enough” “too 'spanish'"commentaries. 
  • This movie is NOT offensive for us in any way.
  • We actually fucking love the art, it’s freaking gorgeous
  • This movie it’s released in Halloween but it doesn’t mean they’re mistaking it with Día de Muertos.
  • Almost every mexican has a relative called “Maria” because it’s very common here. If they wanted to name the girl as Maria they have all the right to do it.
  • If you want to cosplay as “La Muerte”, you can do it, just have in mind that you’re agreeing with respecting this holiday and our culture as it is. YOU CAN, JUST GIVE IT THE RESPECT IT DESERVES. IT’S NOT LIKE HALLOWEEN, WE ACTUALLY RESPECT VERY MUCH OUR TRADITIONS.
  • This movie is a way to show the rest of the world our culture and we’re not getting offended about everything.

-With love, a mexican who’s very excited for the movie.



Seriously …




Mexico CitySex workers gather to commemorate their colleagues who were violently murdered, two days before the Day of the Dead festival.

this is why you don’t fuck around with day of the dead, because it has a deeper meaning than “pretty sugar skulls”. those are offerings to the dead, a symbol of each and every person we choose to honor in the afterlife; not some quirky costume to put on and appropriate. those skulls mean something, the pan de muertos and altars mean something. so go fuck yourself if you think that they’re just for decoration while you shit on my ancestors for you stupid pasty ass bland halloween party.


Person: I’m a woman and I don’t need feminism

What she’s actually saying:

  • My life is perfectly okay and I don’t really care what other women go through
  • I think feminists are just whiny and can’t take jokes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes
  • I believe that people are just obsessed with political correctness
  • I am blind to the fact that there are still problems faced by women
  • I have forgotten that feminism gave women rights such as the right to vote
  • I have no idea that feminism is an egalitarian movement that fights for everyone’s rights regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, nationality, and ethnicity but mostly focuses on women’s rights.
  • I am more concerned about semantics rather than human rights
  • I can’t distinguish between real feminists and shitty people who call themselves feminists
  • I still believe in the false notion that feminism is about hating men
  • I actually don’t understand what feminism is

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Best motivation song ever!




I wish dates didn’t have such strong romantic attachment to them.

Like, I wish I could go up to a friend of mine and be like, “Hey I want to take you to a nice restaurant. Let’s get dressed up fancy and go.”

We’d go have a fancyass dinner, but there’d be no romantic involvement.

I wish platonic dates were a common thing.

I would take each and every one of you on platonic dates.



Is anyone else excited for The Book of Life?


I am actually!

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie that has a focus on my culture and its importance. Though I don’t approve they teamed up with Hot Topic to sell merchandise but the clothing is subtle and not marketing the face masking or the headdress, only the scenery and one character and both of maria’s dress.

Hot Topic independently came out with merchandise that’s just marketing for Halloween, calling it ‘day of the dead’ costume accessorize. And its shit of course for them to do that thinking since they have permission to sell The Book of Life’s stuff  HT can make a costume of my culture. It’s disgusting. I just wished they wouldn’t because my culture isn’t punk and edgy just for ignorant people to wear for a night and discard it on Oct 31.



captain america | crack!vid

this is literally the most perfect thing I have ever seen

Sometimes at school i wonder how many of these assholes ever though my otp was cute or in fact ship it

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