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"You would rather get yourself hurt, or worse, die than accept help from anybody and especially from your brother. Despite all the shit you done, Thor’s still trying because he loves you." 

They stayed for a moment in silence, Darcy’s blue eyes never trailed away from him. Loki took in a breath of air and told her it will be best if she does not come near him for the duration of her stay and made his leave. He was by the doors when heard a soft murmur, 'coward.'

Loki stopped and turned to her, she knows what he can do, she has witness what he’s done and he can break her, but he saw no fear. Chin tiled up, Darcy’s face was still, but it screamed deride. 

He stepped towards her, but she stride to meet him halfway. They were a few inches apart from each other, Loki’s tall stature didn’t faze her, he lend down to see her eye to eye. Neither one was going to back down. 

"I’ll make you regret saying that," She felt Loki’s hot breathe on her. His narrowed green eyes burning into her. Darcy didn’t know why she was doing this, but all she did was smiled sweetly and whispered,’ Bring it.’  

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